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Poinsettia Napkin Ring

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  • BIC Marking Permanent Markers
  • BIC® Mechanical Pencil
  • Coffee filters
  • Alcohol blending solution
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Hot glue
  • Gold napkin ring


  • Draw the poinsettia flowers petals and leaves onto the coffee filters and cut out.
  • For the flower petals, blend together the Rambunctious Red and Prairie Berry markers using an alcohol blending solution. Let dry. Click here for help with blending.
  • For the leaves use Forest green or any green you like.
  • Put together the flower inserting a green pipe cleaner to hold the flower in place.
  • Add gold glitter glue to the center of the flower and let dry.
  • Carefully, hot glue the flower to the napkin ring.

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