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Pocketbook Ornament

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  • BIC Marking Permanent Markers
  • BIC® Mechanical Pencil
  • Unfinished wood pocketbook
  • Purple feather boa
  • One large rhinestone
  • Silver ribbon
  • Hot glue gun/ glue sticks
  • Tacky glue that dries clear
  • Pink acrylic paint/ paintbrush
  • Purple glitter


  • Paint the pocketbook with the pink acrylic paint and let dry.
  • Using a BIC® Mechanical Pencil draw a design on the pocketbook and color in with BIC Marking Permanent Markers.
  • Embellish pocket book with rhinestones and glitter.
  • Decorate handles by hot glue the boa to the handles.
  • Attach a silver ribbon and hang to decorate!

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