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Memory Box

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  • Large photo storage box (or shoebox covered with plain or decorative paper)
  • BIC Marking® Permanent Markers
  • Decorative lettering stickers or stencils
  • Cut out shapes, stencils, or stickers
  • Glitter, photos, ribbons
  • Craft glue


  • Protect your work surface by covering it with newspapers. Place the box on the paper.
  • Take some time to decide the theme, pattern and decorative items you want to use.
  • Start decorating! Place the larger items, such as photos, first, and then add cutouts, stickers, or stencils.
  • Use BIC Marking® Permanent Markers to draw captions, titles, or fun flourishes!
  • Add glitter, ribbons or whatever else your heart desires!
  • If you want to layer items, be sure to let the box dry completely before adding the second layer.
  • Once box is thoroughly dry, fill it with meaningful mementos or give as a personalized present!

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