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Gingerbread Cookie Swap Invitation

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  • BIC Marking Permanent Markers in assorted colors
  • White Paint
  • Foam Gingerbread shaped cut-outs (if you cannot find them cut the shapes out of brown foam board) Ribbon
  • White paper Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Candy/cookie stickers
  • White envelopes to fit invitations


  • Create a bow out of the ribbon and hot glue to the top of the head of the gingerbread.
  • Cut an apron out of the white paper and glue it to the body of the gingerbread.
  • Glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the apron and tie to the back of the gingerbread.
  • Using white paint, draw wavy lines around the neck and arms/legs to look like frosting.
  • Glue candy and/or cookie stickers to the hands of the gingerbread.
  • Using BIC Marking Permanent Markers, decorate the face of the gingerbread and write the details of the Cookie Swap party on the apron of the invitation.
  • Decorate and address the envelope using BIC Marking Permanent Markers and stickers.

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