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Christmas Tree Wine Bottle Topper

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  • BIC Marking Permanent Markers
  • Air dry clay in a light green and white color
  • Undecorated wine bottle topper
  • Christmas tree and star cookie cutter
  • Green and gold glitter glue


  • Roll out the white and green clay and cut out two tree shapes and two star shapes.
  • Mold the shapes around the top of the wine bottle topper. Put the star on top.
  • Let air dry per the directions on the package (usually 72 hours).
  • Once the clay is dry, decorate with BIC Marking Permanent Markers. Add the year, ornaments and any decorations you like.
  • Embellish with glitter glue and let dry.
  • Wrap in clear cellophane and attach to a bottle of wine. Give as a hostess gift at your next holiday party!

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